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Table 1 Literature-based DGF definitions and DGF incidence

From: Prediction of kidney transplant outcome based on different DGF definitions in Chinese deceased donation

Classical DGFthe need for at least one dialysis treatment in the first week after Tx19.89%
Boom DGF2000sCr increasing, remaining unchanged or decreasing < 10%/day during 3 consecutive days after Tx35.22%
Giral DGF1998greater than 1-week period required for the kidney to reach creatinine clearance > 10 ml/min4.19%
Nick DGF1998failure of creatinine to decline in the first 48 h in the absence of rejection18.16%
Shoskes DGF1995urine output < 75 ml/h in first 48 h or failure of sCr to decrease by 10% in the first 48 h15.49%
Turk DGF2005sCr > 2.5 mg/dl on day 7 or the need for post-transplant hemodialysis28.49%
  1. Tx transplant surgery