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Table 5 Sensitivity, specificity and diagnostic accuracy of each definition for graft loss for recipients of DCD kidney transplants

From: Prediction of kidney transplant outcome based on different DGF definitions in Chinese deceased donation

 Sensitivity (%)Specificity (%)Accuracy (% [95% CI])
 Shoskes DGF47.289.678.2 (73.8,82.1)
 Boom DGF50.984.675.3 (70.6,79.4)
 Classical DGF63.681.975.3 (70.6,79.4)
 New model71.778.673.4 (68.7,77.6)
 Turk DGF74.571.668.3 (63.4,72.8)
 Nick DGF69.869.865.6 (60.6,70.2)
 Giral DGF64.065.959.7 (64.5,54.6)
Death-censored GL
 New model59.490.183.3 (79.2,86.8)
 Classical DGF57.689.7282.5 (78.3,86.0)
 Turk DGF66.782.577.2 (72.6,81.1)
 Boom DGF57.681.675.3 (70.6,79.4)
 Shoskes DGF75.069.665.9 (60.9,70.5)
 Nick DGF80.666.664.0 (59.0,68.7)
 Giral DGF80.061.657.5 (52.5,62.4)
  1. New model, Classical DGF combined with 48-h creatinine reduction ratio