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Table 1 Results of laboratory values during the surgery and 6-month follow-up

From: Simultaneous intrathyroidal parathyroid adenomas and multifocal papillary thyroid carcinoma in a patient with kidney transplantation: a case report

ParametersReference rangeBefore kidney transplantationAfter kidney transplantationAfter parathyroidectomy6-month
DateNAMay 2016Nov 2018Dec 2018May 2019
Albumin35.0–55.0 (g/L)40.844.741.045.6
Alkaline phosphates40.0–150.0 (U/L)1071249383
Creatinine59–104 (μmol/L)1317126129100
Total Calcium2.03–2.54 (mmol/L)2.442.802.252.33
Phosphorus0.87–1.45 (mmol/L)1.040.581.060.86
Thyroid stimulating hormone0.38–4.34 (mIU/L)1.233.22NA0.063
Intact-parathyroid hormone12.0–65.0 (pg/mL)813.42203.084
25-hydroxyvitamin D12.3–107 (nmol/L)53.871.7NA67.8
  1. Bolded values are out of the reference range; NA Not available