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Table 2 Outcomes of the elaboration (EC) and validation (VC) cohorts

From: Acute kidney injury in non-critical care setting: elaboration and validation of an in-hospital death prognosis score

 EC (n = 323)VC (n = 534) 
n%n%p a
Hospitalization durationb12.6 [1–143] 12.9 [1–91] 0.94
Renal biopsy381276140.59
Extrarenal depuration requirement7624132250.84
 cardio-pulmonary failure102113270.32
 multiorgan failure7146130.75
 other causes of death375110.36
Complete renal recovery c17965219450.004
Chronic dialysis7348100.03
 other conventional unit7724101190.21
 rehabilitation center451461110.44
  1. a Khi-square test
  2. b days
  3. c death-censored