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Table 5 Cox regression model for risk factors of 3-year MAEs

From: Evaluation of five different renal recovery definitions for estimation of long-term outcomes of cardiac surgery associated acute kidney injury

 OR95% CIP-value
Age (every one year added)1.0581.043–1.074<  0.001
BMI (every one unit added)0.9510.913–0.9900.015
NYHA III-IV (Y/N)1.7861.291–2.470< 0.001
Diabetes (Y/N)3.7412.761–506< 0.001
no AKI (reference)
  AKI 11.5371.080–2.1880.017
  AKI 23.4932.304–5.298< 0.001
  AKI 34.2952.762–6.680< 0.001
  RRT (Y/N)6.8234.223–11.026< 0.001
  1. AKI: Acute kidney injury; BMI: Body mass index; MAE: Major adverse events; NYHA: New York heart association; RRT: Renal replacement therapy