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Table 2 Laboratory data from Day 1 to Day 156

From: Non-urate transporter 1, non-glucose transporter member 9-related renal hypouricemia and acute renal failure accompanied by hyperbilirubinemia after anaerobic exercise: a case report

ParametersDay 1Day 2Day 4Day 8Day 44Day 156
UA (3.7~7.0 mg/dL)
Cr (0.5~1.1 mg/dL)3.664.143.361.560.980.84
eGFR (60 mL/min/1.73 m2)171518427083
TB (0.2~1.0 mg/dL)
CRP (0.3 mg/dL) 0.3
Proteinuria (<  150 mg/gCr)16498116403533
Urine Occult Blood (−)(−)(−)(−)(−)(−)(−)
Urinalysis Bilirubin (−)(−)(−)(−)(−)(−)(−)
Urinalysis pH (4.8~7.5)
FENA (< 1.0%)0.330.450.610.71  
FEUA (5.5~11.1%)48.3250.551.9547.9146.4158.33
  1. The reference values for each variable are presented in parentheses to the right or under it
  2. UA Uric acid, Cr Creatinine, eGFR Estimated glomerular filtration rate, TB Total bilirubin, CRP C-reactive protein, FEUA Fractional excretion of uric acid