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Table 3 Univariate analysis with AKI as the outcome variable

From: Postoperative diastolic perfusion pressure is associated with the development of acute kidney injury in patients after cardiac surgery: a retrospective analysis

PredictorOdds Ratio95% CIP-value
Male/Sex (present)4.5042.487–8.157< 0.001
Age (per 1 year increase)1.0301.009–1.0500.004
BMI (per 1 unit increase)1.1090.983–1.2520.092
Hypertension (present)1.7121.012–2.8960.045
LVEF (per 1 unit increase)0.9560.926–0.9880.008
Baseline SCr (per 1 μmol/L increase)1.0171.005–1.0300.005
CPB (per 1 min increase)1.0151.007–1.0240.001
Cross-clamp (per 1 min increase)1.0171.005–1.0290.005
% ∆MAP relative to baseline (per 1 unit increase)1.0261.001–1.0510.040
CVP (ULR) (per 1 mmHg increase)1.1131.022–1.2110.014
CVP (LLR) (per 1 mmHg increase)1.1321.000–1.2810.050
DPP (ULR) (per 1 mmHg increase)0.9560.918–0.9950.028
DPP (LLR) (per 1 mmHg increase)0.9490.913–0.9870.009
MPP (LLR) (per 1 mmHg increase)0.9590.921–0.9980.039