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Table 4 Multivariable logistic analysis with AKI as the outcome variable

From: Postoperative diastolic perfusion pressure is associated with the development of acute kidney injury in patients after cardiac surgery: a retrospective analysis

PredictorOdds Ratio a95% CIP-value
% ∆MAP relative to baseline (per 1 unit increase)1.0020.969–1.0370.907
CVP (ULR) (per 1 mmHg increase)1.1130.997–1.2420.057
CVP (LLR) (per 1 mmHg increase)1.1600.988–1.3620.071
DPP (ULR) (per 1 mmHg increase)0.9490.895–1.0070.082
DPP (LLR) (per 1 mmHg increase)0.9450.894–0.9990.045
MPP (LLR) (per 1 mmHg increase)0.9510.899–1.0050.076