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Table 5 Subgroup analysis with hypertension: adjusted association with AKI

From: Postoperative diastolic perfusion pressure is associated with the development of acute kidney injury in patients after cardiac surgery: a retrospective analysis

PredictorOdds Ratio a95% CIP-value
% ∆MAP relative to baseline (per 1 unit increase)0.9910.924–1.0620.788
CVP (ULR) (per 1 mmHg increase)1.3281.070–1.6480.010
CVP (LLR) (per 1 mmHg increase)1.1860.889–1.5830.245
DPP (ULR) (per 1 mmHg increase)0.9450.856–1.0450.272
DPP (LLR) (per 1 mmHg increase)0.8860.793–0.9900.033
MPP (LLR) (per 1 mmHg increase)0.9080.813–1.0140.087