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Table 4 Cox Regression Models adjusted by Propensity Scores for Disease Severity1 (n = 140,952)

From: Estimating the risk of acute kidney injury associated with use of diuretics and renin angiotensin aldosterone system inhibitors: A population based cohort study using the clinical practice research datalink

ModelCovariatesHR (AKI)95% LCI95% UCI
Baseline + P-Score (Full Model)Unexposed1  
Full Model (inc meds*exposure)1 (exposed)1.090.891.33
> = 2 (exposed)1.611.142.28
  1. 1 Variables in the propensity score model were: gender, age, time since first chronic condition, number of medications, number of GP consultations, chronic condition flags, systolic blood pressure, kidney function (GFR), and smoking status