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Table 3 Analysis of publication bias

From: Relationship between renal tissues phospholipase A2 receptor and its serum antibody and clinical condition and prognosis of idiopathic membranous nephropathy: a meta-analysis

FactorsEgger's TestBegg’s Test
tP%95CIPr > |z|
Serum albuminserum-2.360.056-19.94,0.340.035
renal tissues0.070.958-67.77, 68.491
renal tissues-0.250.843-60.93, 58.561
Serum creatinineserum0.660.539-8.16,13.790.386
24-hour urine proteinserum-0.610.602-13.2,9.910.734
Remission rateserum-0.250.809-3.26,2.631
renal tissues-4.440.141-24.65, 11.880.296
higher or low titer group-9.20.003-9.94, -4.830.027
Adverse effects rateserum-0.430.684-3.29,2.340.548
higher or low titer group0.860.549-30.83, 35.291
  1. CI confidence interval, eGFR estimated glomerular filtration rate