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Table 3 Multivariate logistic regression (stepwise method) for PAD using SAS®

From: Laser Doppler blood flowmeter as a useful instrument for the early detection of lower extremity peripheral arterial disease in hemodialysis patients: an observational study

Multivariate logistic regression (SPP)
 CovariatepOdds ratioLower limitUpper limit
 SPP-Dorsal Area0.02440.970.941.00
Multivariate logistic regression (laser Doppler)
 CovariatepOdds ratioLower limitUpper limit
  1. Skin perfusion pressure (SPP) and laser Doppler (LD) confounded each other; therefore, divided regression was performed.
  2. PAD peripheral arterial disease, D dorsal area of the foot, P plantar area of the foot, Cr creatinine, CRP C-reactive protein, Tcho total choline