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Table 3 Online survey administered to pediatric patients who were seen at least once in an adult care setting. Survey is broken down into three timepoints; preparing for transition, transition, and adjusting to adult care

From: Assessing success in transitioning of young adults from pediatric to adult kidney practice

No. Preparing for Transition
1 I was ready to transfer to adult care.
2 My parents were ready to transfer to adult care.
3 The transfer to adult care was announced in a timely manner.
4 The timing of the transfer was just about right.
5 I had a say in the timing of the transfer.
No. Transition
1 There was good collaboration between pediatric and adult care.
2 I received enough information about the transfer to adult care.
3 I understood the roles of my adult care providers before the transition.
4 Meeting the adult care practitioner beforehand was useful.
5 I was well prepared for the transfer to adult care.
No. Adjusting to Adult Care
1 I felt comfortable in the adult care environment.
2 I am happy with the care I receive in the adult care setting.
3 I was taken care of very well in the adult care setting.
4 When I first met my adult care provider, I knew exactly what was expected of me and what I could expect from him/her.
5 My new care provider was well informed about me and my condition.
6 I have confidence in my adult health care providers.
7 The members of the adult care staff were sensitive to my needs.
8 The way of working and dealings with patients in adult care are similar to what I was used to in pediatric care.
9 Treatment recommendations in the adult care setting are similar to those I used to receive in pediatric care.
10 I don’t really experience many differences between pediatric and adult care.
11 I can manage my medical care well on my own.
12 I felt comfortable navigating the first adult care appointment on my own.
13 I’m still struggling with being cared for in the adult environment.
14 I don’t understand how my medications relate to my treatment plan.
15 I understand how my current insurance coverage relates to my treatment plan.