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Table 1 Classification of asymptomatic bacteriuria and UTI in renal transplant recipients [3]

From: Urinary tract infections in renal transplant recipients at a quaternary care centre in Australia

Asymptomatic bacteriuriaNo urinary or systemic symptoms of infection
Acute simple cystitisDysuria, urinary urgency/frequency, or suprapubic pain; but no systemic symptoms and no ureteral stent/nephrostomy tube/chronic urinary catheter
Acute pyelonephritis/complicated UTIFever, chills, malaise, haemodynamic instability, or leukocytosis (without other apparent etiology); flank/allograft pain; or bacteremia with same organism as in urineDysuria, urgency, frequency, suprapubic pain may or may not be present
Recurrent UTI≥3 UTIs in prior 12 month period