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Table 6 Odds ratios for CKD stage 3 and stages 4–5 per standard deviation increase choroidal vascularity index (unit-less), Choroidal volume (mm3), AVR (unit-less), and fractal dimension

From: Association of reduced inner retinal thicknesses with chronic kidney disease

VariableCKD stage 3 (vs. stage 1–2)CKD stage 4–5 (vs. stage 1–2)
OR95% CIpOR95% CIp
Choroidal vascularity index1.37(0.80, 2.36)0.251.44(0.78, 2.67)0.25
Choroidal Volume (mm3)0.90(0.55, 1.46)0.670.76(0.40, 1.44)0.40
CRAE0.92(0.54, 1.55)0.750.66(0.35, 1.28)0.22
CRVE0.66(0.41, 1.06)0.081.07(0.55, 2.07)0.85
AVR1.67(1.01, 2.75)0.05*0.59(0.27, 1.26)0.17
LogFractalDimCa11.05(0.62, 1.79)0.860.45(0.24, 0.84)0.01*
LogFractalDimCv10.94(0.58, 1.54)0.820.53(0.29, 0.94)0.03*
  1. CI Confidence interval, OR Odds ratio. *significant values. Adjustment for age, mean arterial blood pressure, diabetes status, low-density lipoprotein, body mass index, and sex