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Table 1 Baseline characteristics for study participants, each arm contained five patients

From: Hemodynamic response to non-pneumatic anti-shock compression garments in patients with renal dysfunction

GroupDialysis (n = 5)CKD (n = 5)Healthy (n = 5)
Average Age66.374.446.8
Causes for CKD (n)
 Diabetes Mellitus41N/A
Baseline SBP (mmHg)136.5155.8135.8
Baseline DBP (mmHg)83.581.488.4
Baseline HR (bmp)94.57372.6
Medications (n)
 Calcium Channel Blocker130
 ACE inhibitor/ARB010
Cardiovascular Comorbidities (n)
 Atrial Fibrillation400
  1. Note: CKD Chronic kidney disease, SBP Systolic blood pressure, DBP Diastolic blood pressure, HR Heart rate, ACE Angiotensin converting enzyme, ARB Angiotensin receptor blocker, MRA Mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist, CAD Coronary artery disease