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Table 2 Assessment of methodological quality of included studies

From: Barriers and enablers to detection and management of chronic kidney disease in primary healthcare: a systematic review

Armstrong et al. 2016 [22]YYYYYNNYYY
Blakeman et al. 2012 [7]YYYYYNNYYY
Crinson et al. 2010 [32]YYYYYNNYYY
Danforth et al. 2019 [29]YYYYYNNYYY
Gheewala et al. 2018 [30]YYYYYNNYYY
Greer et al. 2012 [33]YYYYYNNYYY
Greer et al. 2015 [23]YYYYYNNYYY
Greer et al. 2019 [8], Sperati et al. 2019 [34]YYYYYYYYYY
Litvin et al. 2016 [24]YYYYYNNYYY
Lo et al. 2016a [5]/Lo et al. 2016b [36]YYYYYYYYYY
McBride et al. 2014 [25]YYYYYNNYYY
Nash et al. 2018 [31]YYYYYNNYYY
Nihat et al. 2016 [6]YYYYYNNYYY
Sinclair et al. 2017 [9]YYYYYNaNaYYY
Smith et al. 2012 [26]YYYYYNNYYY
Tam-Tham et al. 2016a [27]YYYYYNNYYY
Tam-Tham et al. 2016b [37]YYYYYNaNaYYY
Tonkin-Crine et al. 2015 [10]YYYYYNNYYY
Van Dipten et al. 2018 [35]YYYYYYNYYbY
Vest et al. 2015 [28]YYYYYYNYYY
  1. Y Yes, N No
  2. aNote this study methodology would mean minimal bias could be given from the researcher
  3. bStudy provides statement that ethical approval was not required