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Table 2 Time course of clinical, paraclinical and laboratory evaluations

From: Impact of superimposed nephrological care to guidelines-directed management by primary care physicians of patients with stable chronic kidney disease: a randomized controlled trial

Clinical evaluation
 Charlson’s comorbidity scoreX    
 Clinical events (hospitalization, death, emergency RRT)  X X
 Kidney Disease Quality of Life questionnaireX X X
Paraclinical evaluation
 Echocardiography (LVH and EF)X X X
 Targeted BP (24 h monitoring)X X X
Laboratory evaluation
 24 h proteinuria and creatininuriaX X X
 Ferritin and transferrin saturationX X X
 B12 and folateX X X
 AlbuminX X X
 PTH, calcium, phosphate, bicarbonateX X X
 BNP and NT pro-BNPX X X
 Cholesterol and triglyceridesX X X
 CRP and IL-6X X X