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Table 5 Cox regression analysis for planned versus emergency RRT

From: Impact of superimposed nephrological care to guidelines-directed management by primary care physicians of patients with stable chronic kidney disease: a randomized controlled trial

CharacteristicsUnadjusted modelAdjusted model
 HR (95% CI)pHR (95% CI)p
Age0.94 (0.91–0.98)0.0010.92 (0.88–0.96)0.001
Male gender4.19 (0.96–18.2)0.062.25 (0.50–10.20)0.29
Charlson score1.22 (0.97–1.53)0.091.42 (1.19–1.70)0.001
eGFR0.92 (0.88–0.97)0.0020.93 (0.88–0.98)0.005
Combined management a0.67 (0.27–1.71)0.401.99 (0.72–1.48)0.18
  1. aReference is PCP management only