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Table 2 Univariate analysis of cortical and trabecular vertebral bone density changes

From: Cortical unlike trabecular bone loss is not associated with vascular calcification progression in CKD patients

 Cortical ChangeTrabecular Change
CKD duration−0.040.74−0.250.04
Body mass index0.110.350.120.33
Δ eGFR0.020.900.220.07
Δ LDL-cholesterol0.090.46−0.150.24
Δ HDL-cholesterol0.
Δ triglycerides−0.020.86−0.020.85
Δ bicarbonate0.110.370.250.05
Δ phosphorus−0.020.900.020.91
Δ ionized calcium−0.050.680.550.66
Δ alkaline phosphatase−0.290.820.830.50
Δ intact PTH−0.040.75−0.080.51
Δ trabecular bone density0.190.12
Δ cortical bone density0.190.12
  1. Δ = change, CKD Chronic kidney disease, eGFR Estimated glomerular filtration rate