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Table 1 Demographics and clinical characteristics of patients with lupus nephritis and healthy controls

From: Leucine-rich α2-glycoprotein-1 upregulation in plasma and kidney of patients with lupus nephritis

Parameterslupus nephritishealthy controlsP value
Female, n (%)82 (81.2%)14 (66.7%)0.14a
Age, median (IQR), years29.0 (24.0–38.0)31.0 (27.5–39.5)0.15b
Mean arterial pressure, mean (SEM), mmHg97.8 (1.4)91.7 (1.5)< 0.01c
LN duration, median (IQR), years0.3 (0.1–1.4)
SLEDAI-2 k, mean (SEM)17.8 (0.6)
Renal SLEDAI, median (IQR)12.0 (8.0–16.0)
AI score, median (IQR)5.0 (4.0–7.0)
CI score, median (IQR)4.0 (3.0–5.0)
24-h urine protein, median (IQR), g2.5 (1.0–7.0)
Hemoglobin, mean (SEM), g/L108.5 (2.0)
Serum albumin, mean (SEM), g/L26.9 (0.8) 
Serum creatinine, median (IQR), μmol/L70.0 (56.0–99.8)
Blood urea nitrogen, median (IQR), mmol/L6.3 (4.5–8.2)
Uric acid, median (IQR), μmol/L342.5 (273.5–418.8)
Blood phosphorus, median (IQR), mmol/L1.2 (1.1–1.4)
Complement 3, median (IQR), g/L0.4 (0.3–0.6)
Complement 4, median (IQR), g/L0.07 (0.04–0.1)
  1. Values are expressed as mean (SEM), median (25–75th percentile) or n (%). aChi-square test. bMann Whitney U test. c t-test.
  2. SLEDAI-2 k, SLE Disease Activity Index 2000; IQR, interquartile range; AI, activity index; CI, chronicity index