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Table 5 Performance of our risk scores in the prediction of incident CKD in the validation population

From: Risk scores for predicting incident chronic kidney disease among rural Chinese people: a village-based cohort study

ScoresRisk factors in the scoreAUCOptimal cutoff valueSensitivitySpecificity+LR-LR+PV-PVYouden indexHosmer and Lemeshow Test
Simple risk scoreSex, education, WC, diabetes, SBP.0.717 (0.689–0.744)> 1470.49 (63.30–77.00)65.14 (61.90–68.30)2.02 (1.80–2.30)0.45 (0.40–0.60)29.8 (25.5–34.4)91.3 (88.8–93.4)0.35630.769
Best-fit risk scoreSex, education, diabetes, SBP, triglycerides, CRP, UACR.0.721 (0.693–0.748)> 2456.83 (49.30–64.10)76.61 (73.70–79.40)2.43 (2.00–2.90)0.56 (0.50–0.70)33.8 (28.5–39.3)89.4 (87.0–91.5)0.33440.961
  1. CKD Chronic kidney disease, LR Likelihood ratio, PV Predictive value, WC Waist circumference, SBP Systolic blood pressure, CRP C-reactive protein, UACR Urinary albumin-to-creatinine ratio