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Table 3 The relationships between peritoneal UA clearance and SUA in linear regression and logistic regression model in total, lower and higher mGFR patients, respectively

From: Roles of peritoneal clearance and residual kidney removal in control of uric acid in patients on peritoneal dialysis

VariablesContinuous SUAHyperuricemiaa
β (95%CI)Pb valueAdjusted OR (95%CI)Pb value
Total (n = 180)−0.21(− 3.85, − 0.38)0.020.91 (0.84, 0.98)0.02
Lower mGFR groupc (n = 91)−0.32(−6.42, − 0.75)0.010.86 (0.76, 0.98)0.02
Higher mGFR group (n = 89)−0.10(− 3.55, 1.42)0.400.94 (0.82, 1.06)0.30
  1. Abbreviations: CI confidence interval, mGFR measured glomerular filtration rate, OR odds ratio, SUA serum uric acid, UA uric acid
  2. aHyperuricemia was defined as men with SUA > 420 μmol/L or women with SUA > 360 μmol/L in the logistic regression model
  3. bP value after adjusting the age, sex, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dialysis vintage, mean arterial pressure, body mass index, albumin, normalized protein catabolic rate, mGFR, peritoneal UA clearance and use of diuretics in the multiple linear regression and the binary logistic regression models
  4. cDid not adjust mGFR when analyzing in higher(> 2.74 mL/min/1.73m2) or lower (≤ 2.74 mL/min/1.73m2) mGFR group, respectively