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Table 3 Association between continuous parameters and CPT level at baseline

From: The predictive role of serum calprotectin on mortality in hemodialysis patients with high phosphoremia

continuous variablesSpearman‘s correlation coefficient (ρ)p-values
Age (years)−0.08150.109
Vintage (years)−0.1684< 0.001
BMI (kg/m2)0.1846< 0.001
systolic BP (mmHg)−0.01450.7761
diastolic BP (mmHg)0.07960.1173
CTR (%)− 0.1715< 0.001
WBC (/μl)0.5404< 0.001
hs-CRP (mg/l)0.3478< 0.001
Hb (g/dl)0.14330.0047
Plt (104/μl)0.3131< 0.001
Albumin (g/dl)0.08890.0802
Cr (mg/dl)0.13400.0082
Whole-PTH (pg/ml)0.03320.5148
aCa (mg/dl)−0.05060.3200
IP (mg/dl)0.2165< 0.001
LDL-cholesterol (mg/dl)−0.00420.9340
TG (mg/dl)0.2599< 0.001
  1. CPT calprotectin, BMI body mass index, BP blood pressure, CTR cardio-thoracic ratio, KT/V dialysis dose, ABI Ankle-Brachial-Index, WBC white blood cell, hs-CRP high sensitivity C-reactive protein, Hb hemoglobin, Plt platelets, Cr Creatinine, Whole-PTH whole parathyroid hormone, aCa adjusted calcium, IP inorganic phosphorus, LDL-Cho low density lipoprotein cholesterol, TG triglyceride