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Table 4 Incidence and hazard ratios of cumulative composite event rate based on the physical performance

From: Gait speed and handgrip strength as predictors of all-cause mortality and cardiovascular events in hemodialysis patients

 No. of events (%)p for interactionAdjustment model 1a
(HR [95% CI])
p valueAdjustment model 2a
(HR [95% CI])
p value
Cumulative composite event rateb
Normal GS and HS14 (11.8)0.019ReferenceReference
Normal GS and low HS12 (15.0)1.08 (0.49–2.39)0.8431.15 (0.52–2.54)0.737
Low GS and normal HS6 (17.6)2.38 (0.86–6.53)0.0841.92 (0.69–5.31)0.211
Low GS and HS13 (29.5)2.72 (1.14–6.46)0.0242.30 (1.02–5.21)0.045
  1. a Model 1 was adjusted by age, sex, previous history of cardiovascular disease, and serum albumin levels. Model 2 was adjusted by Charlson comorbidity score
  2. b Cumulative incidence of all-cause mortality and cardiovascular events
  3. Abbreviations: HR Hazard ratios; CI Confidence interval; GS Gait speed; HS Handgrip strength