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Table 3 Calibration and discrimination of the AKI biomarkers in predicting AKD and 5-year mortality

From: Acute kidney disease and acute kidney injury biomarkers in coronary care unit patients

Goodness –of-fit (χ2)dfp-valueAUROC±SE95%CIp-value
For AKD prediction
 Serum IL-1810.51880.2310.698 ± 0.0330.634–0.762< 0.001
 Serum NGAL5.75680.6750.630 ± 0.0340.563–0.697< 0.001
 Urine NGAL12.98080.1130.660 ± 0.0360.591–0.730< 0.001
 Serum CysC9.44880.3060.663 ± 0.0330.598–0.728< 0.001
For 5-year mortality prediction
 Serum IL-180.71280.9990.522 ± 0.0480.429–0.6160.635
 Serum NGAL9.71780.2850.573 ± 0.0470.482–0.6650.113
 Urine NGAL19.26680.0140.712 ± 0.0470.620–0.803< 0.001
 Serum CysC7.78080.4550.554 ± 0.0480.460–0.6480.241
  1. No statistically significant AUROC differences between serum IL-18, serum NGAL, urine NGAL and serum CysC for AKD prediction*.
  2. Statistically significant AUROC differences between urine NGAL vs. serum IL-18, serum NGAL and serum CysC for 5-year mortality prediction, all p-values < 0.01*.
  3. AKI Acute kidney injury, AKD Acute kidney disease, IL-18 Interleukin 18, NGAL Neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin, CysC Cystatin C, AUROC Area under the receiver operating characteristic curve
  4. *Pairwise comparisons of ROC curves, by Delong method, 1988