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Table 5 Multiple models of logistic regression to analyze immaturity risk for different age levels

From: Radial artery diameterand and age related functional maturation of the radio-cephalic arteriovenous fistula

VariableBSEWalddfSig.Exp(B)95.0% CI for Exp(B)
 Model 10.4820.1946.18810.0131.6201.1082.368
 Model 20.4340.2084.34310.0371.5431.0262.320
 Model 30.4780.2144.98010.0261.6141.0602.456
 Model 40.4600.2184.44610.0351.5841.0332.430
  1. Model 1: Unadjusted relevant factors; Model 2: Univariate model plus gender, BMI, smoking history, diabetes; Model 3: Model 2 plus wrist radial artery diameter, wrist cephalic vein diameter, left side or right side; Model 4: Model 3 plus HGB, albumin, Ca, P, PTH, TC, TG, LDL-C, HDL-C, FBG