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Table 1 Laboratory findings at the emergency department at 6 days after antithymocyte globulin administration

From: Acute kidney injury with extreme hyperuricemia after antithymocyte globulin treatment in a kidney transplant recipient with underlying aplastic anemia: a case report

The complete blood cell count and serum chemistry test findings
 WBC (× 103/μL) 13.4
 Hb (g/dL) 7.6
 PLT (×103/μL) 38
 BUN (mg/dL) 73.1
 Cr (mg/dL) 5.58
 Uric acid (mg/dL) 32.7
 Calcium (mg/dL) 8.3
 Phosphorus (mg/dL) 7.1
 Potassium (mEq/L) 6.1
 Albumin (g/dL) 2.6
 LDH (U/L) 556
 CPK (U/L) 8
The dipstick urinalysis and urine chemistry test findings
 Hematuria 1+
 Proteinuria 1+
 Uric acid crystal (/HPF) >  100
 Uric acid (mg/dL) 46.4
 Cr (mg/dL) 43.6
 Uric acid / Cr ratio 1.06
  1. Abbreviations: WBC, white blood cell; Hb Hemoglobin; PLT Platelet; BUN Blood urea nitrogen; Cr Creatinine; LDH Lactate dehydrogenase; CPK Creatine phosphokinase; HPF High power field