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Table 3 Comparison of all kinds of lesions with different time of onset to renal biopsy (n = 1243)

From: The correlation analysis between the Oxford classification of Chinese IgA nephropathy children and renal outcome - a retrospective cohort study

Variables Time from onset to renal biopsy χ2 P-value
≤ 12 months >12 months
M0/M1 449/172 433/189 1.1 0.296
E0/ E1 411/210 401/221 0.4 0.525
S0/ S1 554/67 235/387 354.5 <0.001
T0/ T1/ T2 595/21/5 315/259/48 323.3 <0.001
C0/ C1/ C2 506/104/11 138/438/46 437.6 <0.001
  1. Abbreviations: M0 Mesangial hypercellularity≤0.5, M1 Mesangial hypercellularity>0.5, E0 Absence of endocapillary hypercellularity, E1 Presence of endocapillary hypercellularity; S0 absence of segmental glomerulosclerosis, S1 Presence of segmental glomerulosclerosis, T0 Tubular atrophy/ interstitial fibrosis 0–25% of cortical area, T1 Tubular atrophy/ interstitial fibrosis 26–50% of cortical area, T2 Tubular atrophy/interstitial fibrosis≥50% of cortical area, C0 Absence of crescents, C1 Crescents in at least one but < 25% of glomeruli, C2 Crescents in more than 25% of glomeruli