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Table 6 Most important consideration when making the decision – qualitative responses

From: Choice of dialysis modality: patients’ experiences and quality of decision after shared decision-making

Home-based dialysis Hospital-based dialysis
To be at home or not to be at the hospital (12 sources & 18 references)
You leave home in the morning and you come back home late, then you are nearly admitted to the hospital. And I am all right. [P21]
Safety (6 sources & 16 references)
I would be safer having my treatment at the hospital. [P11]
Transportation (12 sources & 22 references)
It is the transportation. We do not drive ourselves. We take two different buses and it takes nearly a full hour to get out there. No, it’s a hassle. It’s a bit of a mess. [P2]
Not enough space at home (5 sources & 18 references)
I simply have a lack of space. I have bought a condominium, it is 78 m2, but everything is sloping, so I cannot put a single 60 cm high cabinet in. [P12]
Freedom (12 sources & 24 references)
That is what suits my desire for freedom best. [P3]
Do not want changes at home (5 sources & 8 references)
I am not hysterical, but I like that things are in order. And I would not be able to handle having ten boxes like this standing where they really didn’t belong at all. [P16]
Impact on your lifestyle (11 sources & 13 references)
That dialysis mode will change our everyday life less or our life, you could put it that way. [P20]
Less work (3 sources & 10 references)
I just think that when I go to bed in the evening, I have to put that night bag on, and just need to do that and that. I do not want to do a whole lot of things before I can go to bed. [P16]
Less time-consuming (9 sources & 16 references)
I don’t need to waste my time. I know, when you have retired, you have a lot of time, but I still don’t want to waste my time driving from home to the hospital. [P21]
To be dependent upon home care (3 sources & 6 references)
I do not want home care nurses to come to my home and help me who just stand and do nothing. [P9]
Better for the body (9 sources & 11 references)
The machine has been designed to press through him in three or four hours. That is much harder on the body than the other machine. [P22]
To travel (5 sources & 7 references)
We still want to travel as long as possible. I still drive to XX [a specific city] every time they play a home game. [P10]
  1. The number of sources indicates the number of interviews in which the relevant consideration was stated, and the number of references indicates how many times the consideration was mentioned. The number in square brackets is the identification number of the patient quoted