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Table 2 Minimum detectable hazard ratio for time-to-event outcomes

From: Biobanking for glomerular diseases: a study design and protocol for KOrea Renal biobank NEtwoRk System TOward NExt-generation analysis (KORNERSTONE)

Outcome 5-year event rates MDHRa for n = 3000 (1500/group)
ESRD 0.12 1.36
Death 0.06 1.54
Complete remission of proteinuria (< 0.3 g/day)b 0.63–0.97 1.14–1.17
  1. Abbreviations: MDHR minimum detectable hazard ratio; ESRD end-stage renal disease
  2. aMDHR is based on the following assumptions: patient follow-up time of 5 years (ESRD and death); a loss of follow-up rate during 5 years hypothesized total of 10%; 80% power, alpha = 0.05
  3. bGroup sizes for time to complete remission of proteinuria excluded one-third of the group that was in remission at enrolment