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Table 4 Renal biopsy histopathology results

From: Histological diagnosis of immune checkpoint inhibitor induced acute renal injury in patients with metastatic melanoma: a retrospective case series report

Patient Gloms Glomeruli Tubules Interstitium Vascular BG atrophy/fibrosis IF EM
1 16 Normal Tubulitis Marked inflammation Mild to moderate afteriosclerosis Mild Negative Dense interstitial lymphocytic and neutrophilic infiltrate and tubulitis.
2 35 Normal patchy florid tubulitis Patchy inflammation. mixed multinucleate giant cell granulomas granulomatous inflammation along vessels None Negative Patchy moderate interstitial fibrosis and oedema. lymphocytes infiltrate and few plasma cells. focal tubulitis.
3 18 2/18 sclerosed. Mild chronic ischaemic change patchy moderate tubulitis Mild inflammation moderate patchy arteriosclerosis and intimal thickening. Severe Negative Interstitial fibrosis and atrophy with ischaemic glomerular change. Tubular intramural lymphocytes.
4 14 2/14 sclerosed. Normal Occasional tubulitis. Patchy dense foci of moderate inflammation moderate arteriosclerosis. Moderate IgM - 1+ granular mesangial stain. Moderate interstitial fibrosis and tubular atrophy. Few interstitial lymphocytes
5 18 2/18 sclerosed. chronic ischaemic change No tubulitis Patchy inflammation. focal arteriolesclerosis. Moderate C3 - trace granular mesangial staining. Mild patchy interstitial fibrosis and tubular atrophy. Mild focal lymphocytic infiltrate with few tubules intramural lymphocytes.
6 8 2/8 sclerosed. chronic ischaemic change Tubulitis Moderate to severe inflammation moderate arteriosclerosis and intimal thickening Mild Negative Patchy moderate interstitial fibrosis and oedema accompanied by a lymphocytic infiltrate with some neutrophils.
7 20 Normal Tubulitis Patchy moderate to severe inflammation moderate arterisclerosis and mild arteriolar change Mild Lamda and kappa uptake in intraluminal material. weak C3 interstitial staining, Predominance of acute tubulointerstitial nephritis. Sub epithelial humps and mesangial dense deposits.
8 11 Hypertensive change Tubulitis Diffuse moderate inflammation moderate arterial fibroelastic intimal thickening. None Focal mesangial staining IgM. N/A
9 11 Normal Tubulitis Diffuse severe inflammation Normal None Granular deposition of IgA and C3 in mesangial region. mesangial hypercellularity.
10 8 1/8 sclerosed tubular injury mild to moderate inflammation mild interstitial arterial fibrosis Mild Negative Patchy interstitial fibrosis and tubular atrophy. diffuse interstitial lymphocytic infiltrate.
11 18 2/18 sclerosed. chronic ischaemic change Tubulitis and associated non caseiting granulomas Non-caseating granulomas. Mod-Severe inflammation Normal Mild Negative Patchy interstitial fibrosis and tubular atrophy.
12 31 Necrotising cellular glomerular crescents tubular injury and tubulitis moderate inflammation Normal Mild Linear IgG, Kappa, lamda, fibrinogen. No granular staining. Cellular crescents. No dense deposits of fibrils
  1. N/A electron microscopy report was not available in 1 patient