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Table 2 PKHD1 gene expression data in different human tissues

From: Use of patient derived urine renal epithelial cells to confirm pathogenicity of PKHD1 alleles

Tissue GTEx (TPM) HPA (TPM)
Kidney 10.872 17.5
Pancreas 5.098 2.4
Testis 2.223 1.7
Liver 0.964 0.7
Skin 0.133 0.6
Blood 0.000 0.0
  1. PKHD1 (ENSG00000170927) gene expression data in the human tissues that show highest expression levels according to GTEx (kidney, pancreas, testis and liver,) and in skin and blood. The data (expressed as Transcript Per Million, TPM) were obtained from: the GTEx Portal [39] and dbGaP accession number phs000424.v8.p2 and the Human Protein Atlas [40] on 04/30/20