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Table 2 Patient’s autoimmune panel results

From: A life-threatening case of pregnancy-related atypical Haemolytic uremic syndrome and successful treatment with Eculizumab

Investigation Result
Autoimmune Screen
Complement 3 0.76 g/L (0.74–1.57) repeated 12 h later 0.62 g/L
Complement 4 0.08 g/L (0.13–0.41) initial, repeated after 2 days normal 0.17 g/L
Complement 9 500 mg/L (125–165)
Complement 5–8 Normal range
Complement Factor H antibody < 8 (< 100 AU)
CD46 1.27 (1.75–4.65 MFI) Crossed checked twice with a health control
Complement Factor H 581 mg/L (345–590 mg/L)
Complement Factor B 450 mg/L (normal)
Anti-DsDNA Antibodies Negative
Anti-Nuclear Antibodies
RNP Antibodies
Lupus Anticoagulant
Anti-Smith Antibodies
SSA and SSB Antibodies
Ro 52 Antibodies
Scleroderma Ab
Jo-1 Antibodies
Haemolytic Screen
Reticulocytes 150 × 10^9/L (50–100 × 10^9/L)
Haptoglobin < 0.15 (0.3–2.5 g/L)
ADAMTS13 Activity 70% (40–130%; normal)
Blood Film Red cell fragments (1 per high power field). Mild polychromasia. Toxic granulation of neutrophils. Moderate thrombocytopenia.
Direct Antiglobulin Test Negative
Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase protein Negative gene analysis
Factor V Leiden mutation Not Detected
The Prothrombin gene mutation Not Detected
INR 1.8 (< 1) Corrected with mixing study
PT 19 s (11–18 s) Corrected with mixing study
APTT 56 s (24–38 s) Corrected with mixing study
Protein C Activity 52% (70–180%)
Protein S Activity 39% (55–190%)
Infection Screen
Toxoplasmosis IgM and IgG Negative
CMV and Parvovirus IgG positive. IgM negative.
Hepatitis B and C Negative HCV core antibody and RNA/ Immune HBV surface antibody positive antigens negative