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Table 4 Differences between IgG4-RLD and IPFI [34, 36, 37]

From: IgG4-related nephritis and interstitial pulmonary disease complicated by invasive pulmonary fungal infection: a case report

Clinical manifestations multi-system injuries dry cough and fever,no specific
Laboratory tests Serum IgG4 elevation CRP and (or) PCT elevation,G/GM positive
Imaging nodules, multiple ground glass opacities (GGO),alveolar interstitial type, and bronchovascular type nodules, consolidation and ground-glass opacity(GGO)
Pathology Mainly IgG4
With plasma cell infiltration and often with interstitial damage
fungal spores with hyphae can be observed, pulmonary fibrosis and inflammatory cell infiltration
Treatment protocol Systemic glucocorticoids anti-infection