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Table 1 Diagnosis (code = ICD-9-CM), procedures (code = ICD-9-CM), outpatient services (code = Regional codification) and drugs (code = ATC), name and code

From: Prevalence of chronic kidney disease in the Lazio region, Italy: a classification algorithm based on health information systems

NameCode (diagnostic branch)
The Hospital Discharge Registry (HDR)
  Diabetes with renal manifestations250.4X
  Hypertensive chronic kidney disease403.XX
  Hypertensive heart and chronic kidney disease404.XX
  Chronic glomerulonephritis582.XX
  Nephritis and nephropathy not specified as acute or chronic583.XX
  Chronic kidney disease (ckd)585.XX
  Renal failure, unspecified586.XX
  Renal sclerosis, unspecified587.XX
  Disorders resulting from impaired renal function588.XX
  Cystic kidney disease753.1X
  Chronic pyelonephritis590.0X
  Encounter for dialysis and dialysis catheter careV56.X
  Kidney replaced by transplantV42.0
  Peritoneal dialysis54.98
  Transplant of kidney55.6X
  Arteriovenostomy for renal dialysis39.27
  Creation of cutaneoperitoneal fistula54.93
  Revision of arteriovenous shunt for renal dialysis39.42
  Removal of arteriovenous shunt for renal dialysis39.43
  Venous catheterization for renal dialysis38.95
  Closed [percutaneous] [needle] biopsy of kidney55.23
 Complex outpatient services for
  Assess diagnosis of nephropathiesP583
  Assess chronic kidney diseaseP585A
  Assess kidney transplantP585B
  Follow-up of kidney transplant patientPV420
Outpatient Specialist Service Information System (OSSIS)
  First ambulatory specialist visit (nephrology)89.7 (29)
  Ambulatory specialist visit (nephrology)89.01 (29)
  Measurement of urine albumin90.33.4
  Definition of the haemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis scheme (nephrology)89.03 (29)
  Hemodialysis or hemodiafiltration39.95.X
  Peritoneal dialysis54.98.X
  Venous catheterization for renal dialysis38.95
  Creation of cutaneoperitoneal fistula (peritoneal catheter)54.93
  Debriding of peritoneal catheter39.99.1
  Removal of peritoneal catheter97.82
  Revision of peritoneal catheter97.29.1
Drug Dispensing Registry (PHARM)ATC
 Darbepoetin alfaB03XA02
 Methoxy polyethylene glycol-epoetin betaB03XA03
 Polystyrene sulfonateV03AE01
 Lanthanum carbonateV03AE03
 Sucroferric oxyhydroxideV03AE05