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Table 3 Water analysis from high and low disease prevalent areas for CKDu in NCP and from Colombo

From: Biochemical and histopathological changes in Wistar rats after consumption of boiled and un-boiled water from high and low disease prevalent areas for chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDu) in north Central Province (NCP) and its comparison with low disease prevalent Colombo, Sri Lanka

 NTMNTM boiledBBDDHWColombo
Fluoride (as F)1.3 mg/dL1 .3/mg/dL0.56 mg/dL0.34/mg/dL0.30 mg/dL0.093 mg/dL
Total Iron (as fe) (mg/L)NDNDNDNDNDND
Calcium (as Ca)10.8 mg/L12.5 mg/L9.8 mg/L8.4 mg/L6.2 mg/L4.7 mg/L
Sodium (as Na)55572618262.6
Arsenic (as as) (0.001 mg/L)NDNDNDNDNDND
Cadmium (as Cd) (0.001 mg/L)NDNDNDNDNDND
  1. NTM: NTMB boiled, BB, DD, HW, CO water samples analysis at the Industrial Technology Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka
  2. Not detectable levels: Total Iron; below 0.1, Arsenic: below 0.001, Cadmium: below 0.001
  3. New Town Medirigiriya (NTM), Boiled water from Medirigiriya (NTMB), Bisobandaragama (BB), Divuldamana (DD) from high disease endemic areas for CKDu of unknown origin and Huruluwewa (HW) and Colombo (CO) that were used as controls from low endemic areas (n = 10)
  4. All the values are expressed with Standard Error (SE) and precisions were done in 95% confidence intervals (p < 0.05)