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Table 2 Study outcomes

From: DIALysis or not: Outcomes in older kidney patients with GerIatriC Assessment (DIALOGICA): rationale and design

Outcomes Instruments
Primary outcome HRQoL   SF-12 physical and mental component scores [28]
Secondary outcomes Clinical outcomes Mortality (all-cause) ERA-EDTA codes [16, 47]
   Hospitalisation (all-cause) ICD-10 codes [48]
   Functional status Katz-ADL [14], Lawton-iADL [15]
   Cognitive functioning MoCA [17], 6-CIT [18], LDST [20]
   Frailty Clinical Frailty Scale [25]
  Cost-effectiveness   ICERs, calculated using EQ-5D-5 L [30] and iPCQ/iMCQ [32, 33]
  Decisional regret   Decisional Regret Scale [36]
  1. All outcomes are repeated measures during the first year of the second stage (Fig. 1)
  2. Abbreviations: 6-CIT six-item Cognitive Impairment Test, EQ-5D-5L Five-level EQ-5D, ERA-EDTA European Renal Association - European Dialysis & Transplant Organisation, HRQoL Health-Related Quality of Life, (i) ADL (Instrumental) Activities of Daily Living, ICD-10 International Statistical Classification of Diseases, 10th edition, ICER Incremental Cost-Effectiveness Ratio, iMCQ iMTA Medical Costs Questionnaire, iPCQ iMTA Productivity Cost Questionnaire, LDST Letter-Digit Substitution Test, MoCA Montreal Cognitive Assessment, QALY Quality Adjusted Life Year, SF-12 Twelve-item Short Form Health Survey