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Table 1 clinical features of the three clinical cases

From: Management of renal tumors during pregnancy: case reports

Cases Age Presentations Tumor size Time of diagnosis Time of surgery Surgical approach TNM staging Pathological diagnosis
1# 36 No symptoms 7.9 × 6.9 × 6.2cm 21st week of pregnancy 26th week of pregnancy Left retroperitoneoscopic NSS T2aN0M0 RCC
2# 39 No symptoms 4.6 × 4.4 × 5.3cm 3rd week of pregnancy After abortion Right retroperitoneoscopic RN T1bN0M0 RCC
3# 30 Left lower quadrant discomfort 25 × 13cm One year before pregnancy 17th week of pregnancy Left retroperitoneoscopic NSS NA renal angiomyolipoma
  1. RN Radical nephrectomy, NSS Nephron-sparing surgery, RCC Renal cell carcinoma, NA Not applicable