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Table 2 Amino acid sequence alignment of the donors and the recipient for DPA1 and DPB1

From: Misidentification of preformed anti-HLA-DP antibodies leads to antibody-mediated kidney transplant rejection: a case report

DPA1 Amino acid position
11 28 31 50-51 72-73 83 111 127 160
DPA1*02:02 (recipient) M E Q RA TL A R P V
DPA1*01:03 (first and second donors) A E M QA TL T K L F
DPB1 Amino acid position
  8-11   33-36   55-57 65-69   76 84-87
DPB1*02:02 (recipient) LFQG   EELV   EAE ILEEE   M GGPM
DPB1*05:01 (recipient) LFQG   EELV   EAE ILEEE   M DEAV
DPB1*03:01 (first donor) VYQL   EEFV   DED LLEEE   V DEAV
DPB1*04:01 (first donor) LFQG   EEFA   AAE ILEEE   M GGPM
DPB1*02:01 (second donor) LFQG   EEFV   DEE ILEEE   M GGPM
  1. The amino acid sequences were aligned according to their positions in the mature proteins