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Table 2 Clinical Information of patients presenting with heart failure

From: Managing acute presentations of atheromatous renal artery stenosis

Patient Presentation Co-morbidities Clinical Features Anatomy Intervention Response
3 66 yr female referred for recurrent heart failure. 3 admissions in 12 months HTN (poorly controlled),
Progressive CKD (eGFR: 34)
BP: 193/93 mmHg on 5 agents MRA
Rt: 80–90% (9 cm)
L: 80–90% (11 cm)
Bilateral PTRAS 1 month:
Bp: 134/69 mmHg on 3 agents
eGFR: 45 ml/min
4 months:
EF: 45–55%
No further admissions for HF
7 68 yr male acute presentation with dyspnoea while mobilising HTN (> 20 years),
Inflammatory arthropathy, Ex-smoker
Grossly oedematous and in pulmonary oedema
Creatinine: 538 µmol/L; needed acute dialysis
Rt: > 90% (11 cm)
L: > 90%
(9.5 cm)
Bilateral PTRA with left PTRAS 1 month: Remained HD dependant.
NSTEMI not for PCI.
6 months: Visual loss due to retinal artery occlusion.
PVD with acute limb ischaemia requiring angioplasty.
24 months: RIP
  1. HTN hypertension, CKD chronic kidney disease, eGFR estimated glomerular filtration rate, BP blood pressure, MRA Magnetic Resonance Angiography, Rt right, L-left, PTRAS percutaneous transluminal renal angioplasty with stenting, EF ejection fraction, HF heart failure, CTA computed tomography angiography, PTRA percutaneous transluminal angioplasty, HD haemodialysis, NSTEMI non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction, PCI percutaneous coronary intervention, PVD peripheral vascular disease