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Table 1 Features used for predicting kidney transplant survival in applied algorithms

From: Predicting the survival of kidney transplantation: design and evaluation of a smartphone-based application

# Features Note Type
1 ESRD Cause of kidney failure Nominal
2 R-AGE Age of the kidney recipient Numerical
3 BMI Body mass index of the recipient Numerical
4 R-SEX Sex of the kidney recipient Nominal
5 TYPE-DIALYSIS Duration of dialysis before transplantation Numerical
6 PANEL-TEST Panel Test Numerical
7 FIRST-TRANSPLANT History of transplantation Nominal
8 RELATIONSHIP Type of communication between recipient and donor of the kidney (relative, non-relative, corpse) Nominal
9 D-AGE Age of the kidney donor Numerical
10 D-SEX Gender of the kidney donor Nominal
11 SURVIVAL-YEAR The duration of transplant survival in years Nominal