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  1. Endothelin, via endothelin A receptors (ETA), exerts multiple pathologic effects that contribute to disease pathogenesis throughout the body. ETA antagonists ameliorate many experimental diseases and have been...

    Authors: Deborah Stuart, Sara Rees, Stephanie K Woodward, Robert Koesters, Kevin A Strait and Donald E Kohan
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:166
  2. Hemodialysis (HD) patients have multiple causes of immune dysfunction and poor immune response to influenza vaccination. We investigated the antibody response rate to a pandemic H1N1/2009 influenza vaccination...

    Authors: Sung Jin Moon, Sang Hun Lee, Young-Ho Byun, Gi Young Yun, Seung Kyu Kim, Baik-Lin Seong, Ah Reum Kim, Eun sun Park, Hyung-Jong Kim, Jung Eun Lee, Sung Kyu Ha, Jae Myun Lee and Hyeong-Cheon Park
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:165
  3. The aim of this study was to investigate the characteristics and outcomes of patients receiving renal replacement therapy for end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) secondary to haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS).

    Authors: Wen Tang, Janaki Mohandas, Stephen P McDonald, Carmel M Hawley, Sunil V Badve, Neil Boudville, Fiona G Brown, Philip A Clayton, Kathryn J Wiggins, Kym M Bannister, Scott B Campbell and David W Johnson
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:164
  4. Visceral adipose tissue-derived serine proteinase inhibitor (vaspin) is an adipokine identified in genetically obese rats that correlates with insulin resistance and obesity in humans. Recently, we found that ...

    Authors: Junko Inoue, Jun Wada, Sanae Teshigawara, Kazuyuki Hida, Atsuko Nakatsuka, Yuji Takatori, Shoichirou Kojo, Shigeru Akagi, Kazushi Nakao, Nobuyuki Miyatake, John F McDonald and Hirofumi Makino
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:163
  5. Cardiovascular deaths account for about 40% of all deaths of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), particularly those on dialysis, while sudden cardiac death (SCD) might be responsible for as many as 60%...

    Authors: Beata Franczyk-Skóra, Anna Gluba, Maciej Banach, Dariusz Kozłowski, Jolanta Małyszko and Jacek Rysz
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:162
  6. Complement activation products are present in atherosclerotic plaques. Recently, binding of complement to elastin and collagen in the aortic wall has been demonstrated, suggesting a role of complement in the d...

    Authors: Florian Knoll, Emanuel Zitt, Denis Intemann and Karl Lhotta
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:161
  7. Urinary Ca2+ excretion increases with dietary NaCl. NaCl-induced calciuria may be associated with hypertension, urinary stone formation and osteoporosis, but its mechanism and long-term effects are not fully unde...

    Authors: Midori Sasaki Yatabe, Junichi Yatabe, Kozue Takano, Yuta Murakami, Rina Sakuta, Sadahiko Abe, Hironobu Sanada, Junko Kimura and Tsuyoshi Watanabe
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:160
  8. Treatment with selective vitamin D receptor activators such as paricalcitol have been shown to exert an anti-inflammatory effect in patients on hemodialysis, in addition to their action on mineral metabolism a...

    Authors: María Jesús Izquierdo, Mónica Cavia, Pilar Muñiz, Angel LM de Francisco, Manuel Arias, Javier Santos and Pedro Abaigar
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:159
  9. The Oxford classification of IgA nephropathy (IgAN) provides a useful tool for prediction of renal prognosis. However, the application of this classification in children with IgAN needs validation in different...

    Authors: Weibo Le, Cai-Hong Zeng, Zhangsuo Liu, Dong Liu, Qing Yang, Rui-Xia Lin, Zheng-Kun Xia, Zhong-Min Fan, Guanghua Zhu, Ying Wu, Hong Xu, Yihui Zhai, Ying Ding, Xiaoqing Yang, Shaoshan Liang, Hao Chen…
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:158
  10. An exploration of renal complications of diabetes from the patient perspective is important for developing quality care through the diabetic renal disease care pathway.

    Authors: Emma Wilkinson, Gurch Randhawa, John Feehally, Ken Farrington, Roger Greenwood, Peter Choi and Liz Lightstone
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:157
  11. Maintenance hemodialysis (HD) patients universally suffer from excess toxin load. Hemodiafiltration (HDF) has shown its potential in better removal of small as well as large sized toxins, but its efficacy is r...

    Authors: Vaibhav Maheshwari, Lakshminarayanan Samavedham, Gade Pandu Rangaiah, Yijun Loy, Lieng Hsi Ling, Sunil Sethi and Titus Lau Wai Leong
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:156
  12. Klotho is a single-pass transmembrane protein, which appears to be implicated in aging. The purpose of the present study was to characterize the relationship between the soluble Klotho level and renal function...

    Authors: Tetsu Akimoto, Hiromichi Yoshizawa, Yuko Watanabe, Akihiko Numata, Tomoyuki Yamazaki, Eri Takeshima, Kana Iwazu, Takanori Komada, Naoko Otani, Yoshiyuki Morishita, Chiharu Ito, Kazuhiro Shiizaki, Yasuhiro Ando, Shigeaki Muto, Makoto Kuro-o and Eiji Kusano
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:155
  13. There is a growing awareness in primary care of the importance of identifying patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) so that they can receive appropriate clinical care; one method that has been widely embr...

    Authors: David H Smith, Jennifer Schneider, Micah L Thorp, Suma Vupputuri, Jessica W Weiss, Eric S Johnson, Adrianne Feldstein, Amanda F Petrik, Xuihai Yang and Susan R Snyder
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:154
  14. Sepsis has been identified as the most common cause of acute kidney injury (AKI) in intensive care units. Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) induces the production of several proinflammatory cytokines including tumor ne...

    Authors: Hiroyuki Miyazaki, Jun Morishita, Masaaki Ueki, Kahoru Nishina, Shunichi Shiozawa and Nobuhiro Maekawa
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:153
  15. Policies for allocating deceased donor kidneys have recently shifted from allocation based on Human Leucocyte Antigen (HLA) tissue matching in the UK and USA. Newer allocation algorithms incorporate waiting ti...

    Authors: Michael D Clark, Dennis Leech, Anil Gumber, Domenico Moro, Ala Szczepura, Nick West and Robert Higgins
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:152
  16. Chronic renal disease is a serious complication of long-term intravenous drug use (IVDU). Recent reports have postulated a changing pattern of underlying nephropathy over the last decades.

    Authors: Oliver Jung, Hans Stefan Haack, Maike Buettner, Christoph Betz, Christoph Stephan, Peter Gruetzmacher, Kerstin Amann and Markus Bickel
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:151
  17. Whether paricalcitol (PCT) reduces proteinuria in the presence of intensified inhibition of Renin-Angiotensin-System (RAS) is poorly studied. We evaluated the antiproteinuric effect of PCT in non-dialysis chro...

    Authors: Luca De Nicola, Giuseppe Conte, Domenico Russo, Antonio Gorini and Roberto Minutolo
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:150
  18. Sjögren’s syndrome is a systemic autoimmune disease in which lymphatic cells destroy the salivary and lacrimal glands. Glomerulonephritis is thought to be a rare occurrence in primary Sjögren’s syndrome. Furth...

    Authors: Chang Seong Kim, Yoo Duk Choi, Joon Seok Choi, Eun Hui Bae, Seong Kwon Ma and Soo Wan Kim
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:149
  19. Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1) plays important roles in kidney disease susceptibility and atherogenesis in experimental models. Relationships between serum MCP-1 concentration and early nephropathy...

    Authors: Mariana Murea, Thomas C Register, Jasmin Divers, Donald W Bowden, J Jeffrey Carr, Caresse R Hightower, Jianzhao Xu, S Carrie Smith, Keith A Hruska, Carl D Langefeld and Barry I Freedman
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:148
  20. Bleeding severity, anatomic location, tissue characteristics, and visibility are common challenges encountered while managing intraoperative bleeding, and conventional hemostatic measures (suture, ligature, an...

    Authors: Ofer Nativ, Bababhai Patel, Jessica Shen, Jonathan Batiller, Sara Horn and James C Hart
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:147
  21. Tunnelled central venous dialysis catheter use is significantly limited by the occurrence of catheter-related infections. This randomised controlled trial assessed the efficacy of a 48 hour 70% ethanol lock vs...

    Authors: Jennifer K Broom, Rathika Krishnasamy, Carmel M Hawley, E Geoffrey Playford and David W Johnson
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:146
  22. Payments for red blood cell (RBC) transfusions are separate from US Medicare bundled payments for dialysis-related services and medications. Our objective was to examine the economic burden for payers when chr...

    Authors: Matthew Gitlin, J Andrew Lee, David M Spiegel, Jeffrey L Carson, Xue Song, Brian S Custer, Zhun Cao, Katherine A Cappell, Helen V Varker, Shaowei Wan and Akhtar Ashfaq
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:145
  23. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of mortality among peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients in Macao. Increased arterial stiffness determined by pulse wave velocity (PWV) has been established as an indepe...

    Authors: Ding-Wei Kuang, Chiu-Leong Li, Un-I Kuok, Kin Cheung, Weng-In Lio and Jing Xin
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:143
  24. A recent meta-analysis described a variant (p.Ile2984Val) in the cubilin gene (CUBN) that is associated with levels of albuminuria in the general population and in diabetics.

    Authors: Shay Tzur, Walter G Wasser, Saharon Rosset and Karl Skorecki
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:142
  25. Oxalosis is a metabolic disorder characterized by deposition of oxalate crystals in various organs including the kidney. Whereas primary forms result from genetic defects in oxalate metabolism, secondary forms...

    Authors: Marc Albersmeyer, Robert Hilge, Angelika Schröttle, Max Weiss, Thomas Sitter and Volker Vielhauer
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:141
  26. Secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT) is associated with mortality in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), but the economic consequences of SHPT have not been adequately studied in the European populatio...

    Authors: Silvia Chiroli, Caroline Mattin, Vasily Belozeroff, Louise Perrault, Dominic Mitchell and Ioanna Gioni
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:140
  27. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a growing public health problem and end stage renal disease (ESRD) represents a large human and economic burden. It is important to identify patients at high risk of ESRD. In or...

    Authors: Naïke Bigé, Pierre Patrick Lévy, Patrice Callard, Jean-Manuel Faintuch, Valérie Chigot, Virginie Jousselin, Pierre Ronco and Jean-Jacques Boffa
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:139
  28. Many countries have started screening and prevention programs for chronic kidney disease (CKD). However, one of the main concerns of health authorities is whether management strategies for diagnosed CKD patien...

    Authors: Mitra Mahdavi-Mazdeh, Zinat Nadia Hatmi and Sara Shahpari-Niri
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:138
  29. Despite evidence implicating dietary sodium in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in chronic kidney disease (CKD), quality intervention trials in CKD patients are lacking. This study aims to inve...

    Authors: Emma J McMahon, Judith D Bauer, Carmel M Hawley, Nicole M Isbel, Michael Stowasser, David W Johnson, Rachael E Hale and Katrina L Campbell
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:137
  30. Tissue injury due to hypoxia and/or free radicals is common in a variety of disease processes. This cross-sectional study aimed to investigate effect of chronic kidney diseases (CKD) and hemodialysis (HD) on h...

    Authors: Enas A Hamed, Taghrid B El-Abaseri, Amany O Mohamed, Ahmed R Ahmed and Tarek H El-Metwally
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:136
  31. Living related kidney transplantation (LRT) is underutilized, particularly among African Americans. The effectiveness of informational and financial interventions to enhance informed decision-making among Afri...

    Authors: Patti L Ephraim, Neil R Powe, Hamid Rabb, Jessica Ameling, Priscilla Auguste, LaPricia Lewis-Boyer, Raquel C Greer, Deidra C Crews, Tanjala S Purnell, Bernard G Jaar, Nicole DePasquale and L Ebony Boulware
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:135
  32. Pro-inflammatory cytokines play a key role in bone remodeling. Inflammation is highly prevalent in CKD-5D patients, but the relationship between pro-inflammatory cytokines and fractures in CKD-5D patients is u...

    Authors: Vincenzo Panuccio, Giuseppe Enia, Rocco Tripepi, Roberta Aliotta, Francesca Mallamaci, Giovanni Tripepi and Carmine Zoccali
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:134
  33. Non-equivalence in serum creatinine (SCr) measurements across Dutch laboratories and the consequences hereof on chronic kidney disease (CKD) staging were examined.

    Authors: Iefke Drion, Christa Cobbaert, Klaas H Groenier, Cas Weykamp, Henk JG Bilo, Jack FM Wetzels and Nanne Kleefstra
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:133
  34. Experimentally, erythropoietin (EPO) has nephroprotective as well as immunomodulatory properties when administered after ischemic renal injury. We tested the hypothesis that different doses of recombinant huma...

    Authors: Sophie de Seigneux, Belen Ponte, Lucien Weiss, Jérôme Pugin, Jacques André Romand, Pierre-Yves Martin and Patrick Saudan
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:132
  35. Diabetes is the most common risk factor for end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and has been associated with increased risk of death. In order to better understand the influence of diabetes on outcomes in hemodialy...

    Authors: Abdus Sattar, Christos Argyropoulos, Lisa Weissfeld, Nizar Younas, Linda Fried, John A Kellum and Mark Unruh
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:130
  36. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is more prevalent in Taiwan than in most countries. This population-based cohort study evaluated the dementia risk associated with CKD.

    Authors: Kao-Chi Cheng, Yu-Lung Chen, Shih-Wei Lai, Chih-Hsin Mou, Pang-Yao Tsai and Fung-Chang Sung
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:129
  37. Since the term chronic allograft nephropathy (CAN) was removed from the Banff scheme in 2005, transplant glomerulopathy (TG) has been regarded as a clinicopathological entity that is one of the major causes of...

    Authors: Qiquan Sun, Xianghua Huang, Song Jiang, Caihong Zeng and Zhihong Liu
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:128
  38. In patients with chronic kidney disease studies focusing on platelet function and properties often are non-conclusive whereas only few studies use functional platelet tests. In this study we evaluated a recent...

    Authors: Esther R van Bladel, Rosa L de Jager, Daisy Walter, Loes Cornelissen, Carlo A Gaillard, Leonie A Boven, Mark Roest and Rob Fijnheer
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:127
  39. Early recognition and management of chronic kidney disease (CKD) are associated with better outcomes. Internal medicine residency should prepare physicians to diagnose and manage CKD.

    Authors: Michelle M Estrella, Stephen D Sisson, Jennifer Roth and Michael J Choi
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:126
  40. No studies on continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) have analyzed nutritional status in children. The objective of this study was to assess the association between mortality and nutritional status of chi...

    Authors: Ana Castillo, Maria J Santiago, Jesús López-Herce, Sandra Montoro, Jorge López, Amaya Bustinza, Ramón Moral and Jose M Bellón
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:125
  41. A high dose of anti-infective agents is recommended when treating infectious meningitis. High creatinine clearance (CrCl) may affect the pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic relationships of anti-infective drugs ...

    Authors: Alexandre Lautrette, Thuy-Nga Phan, Lemlih Ouchchane, Ali AitHssain, Vincent Tixier, Anne-Elisabeth Heng and Bertrand Souweine
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:124
  42. Sepsis is a common syndrome in critically ill patients and easily leads to the occurrence of acute kidney injury (AKI), with high mortality rates. This study aimed to investigate the diagnostic value of urine ...

    Authors: Longxiang Su, Lin Feng, Changting Liu, Zhaoxu Jiang, Ming Li, Kun Xiao, Peng Yan, Yanhong Jia, Dan Feng and Lixin Xie
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:123
  43. Elderly patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) are usually at a high risk of fractures due to both osteoporosis and CKD-mineral bone disease (MBD). A new marker is needed to prevent fractures and control C...

    Authors: Eiichiro Kanda, Masayuki Yoshida and Sei Sasaki
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:122
  44. In kidney transplant (Kt) recipients , hypertension is a major risk for cardiovascular complications but also for graft failure. Blood pressure (BP) control is therefore mandatory. Office BP (OBP) remains freq...

    Authors: Annie Saint-Remy, Mélanie Somja, Karen Gellner, Laurent Weekers, Catherine Bonvoisin and Jean-Marie Krzesinski
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:121
  45. Bioimpedance analysis (BIA) has been reported as helpful in identifying hypervolemia. Observation data showed that hypervolemic maintenance hemodialysis (MHD) patients identified using BIA methods have higher ...

    Authors: Li Liu, Gang Long, Jianwei Ren, Jijun Li, Jinsheng Xu, Jinghong Lei, Mao Li, Moyan Qiu, Ping Yuan, Weiming Sun, Shan Lin, Wenjun Liu, Yi Sun, Yingchun Ma, Yonghui Mao, Yulan Shen…
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:120
  46. Uremic pruritus (UP) is a significant complication in ESRD patients and substantially impairs their quality of life. UP is considered to be a skin manifestation of chronic inflammation. Because sericin can sup...

    Authors: Pornanong Aramwit, Orathai Keongamaroon, Tippawan Siritientong, Nipaporn Bang and Ouppatham Supasyndh
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:119
  47. The kidney is a major target organ for systemic amyloidosis that often affects the kidney including proteinura, and elevated serum creatinine (Cr). The correlation between amount of amyloid deposits and clinic...

    Authors: Takeshi Kuroda, Naohito Tanabe, Daisuke Kobayashi, Yoko Wada, Shuichi Murakami, Masaaki Nakano and Ichiei Narita
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:118
  48. Urolithiasis is one of the most common conditions seen in emergency departments (ED) worldwide, with an increasing frequency in geriatric patients (>65 years). Given the high costs of emergency medical urolith...

    Authors: Spyridon Arampatzis, Gregor Lindner, Filiz Irmak, Georg-Christian Funk, Heinz Zimmermann and Aristomenis K Exadaktylos
    Citation: BMC Nephrology 2012 13:117

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