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Table 4 Risk of mortality associated with switching from peritoneal dialysis to hemodialysis: relative hazards for mortality for switchers vs. non-switchers

From: Timing, causes, predictors and prognosis of switching from peritoneal dialysis to hemodialysis: a prospective study

  Relative Hazard (95% CI)
Model Non-switchers Switchers
No. of deaths/total no. of patients 62/197 26/65
Incidence rate, per 100 patient-years 18.5 13.5
Unadjusted 1.00 (ref.) 0.94 (0.51–1.73)
   Model 1 (Demographics) 1.00 (ref.) 0.87 (0.46–1.66)
   Model 2 (Model 1 + Clinical) 1.00 (ref.) 0.68 (0.33–1.40)
   Model 3 (Model 2 + Laboratory) 1.00 (ref.) 0.89 (0.41–1.93)
  1. In these analyses, all patients start as non-switchers; if the patient switched modality the patient then became a switcher on the date of switch.
  2. *Demographics: age, race, employment; clinical: ICED, diabetes, CVD, BMI, residual urine output; laboratory: baseline albumin and creatinine. Fully adjusted models included all these variables.