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Archived Comments for: Do oral aluminium phosphate binders cause accumulation of aluminium to toxic levels?

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  1. Caution required in advocating a return to Al-based phosphate binders

    Chris Exley, Keele University

    18 June 2012

    Serum Al is not as good an indicator of the body burden of Al as urinary excretion of Al, either 24h or spot tests. Serum Al 48h post administration of DFO is at the very best an hopeful estimate of body burden of Al. Urine Al, 24h if possible, should have been measured in this study to obtain a better understanding of whether significant Al was absorbed across the gut following the use of an Al-based phosphate binder.
    Caution is required before using the results of this study to advocate a return to Al-based phosphate binders in HD patients.

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