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Table 1 The educational topics discussed in the second session

From: Multisystemic engagement & nephrology based educational intervention: a randomized controlled trial protocol on the kidney team at home-study

1 Introduction The purpose of the Kidney Team At Home-study
2 Kidney disease An introduction to kidneys and kidney diseases
3 Dialysis The various forms of dialysis
4 Morbidity and mortality associated with dialysis
5 The psychosocial consequences of a kidney disease and dialysis
6 The advantages and disadvantages of dialysis compared to kidney transplantation
7 Transplantation The medical evaluation in preparation for donor nephrectomy and kidney transplantation
8 The various programs of donation and transplantation (DDKT and LDKT)
9 The number of DDKT and LDKT performed nationally and locally
10 The differences in ethnicity regarding access to LDKT
11 The differences in graft survival between DDKT and LDKT
12 LDKT Additional advantages and disadvantages of LDKT
13 The risks and psychosocial aspects associated with donor nephrectomy
14 The personal, emotional and financial aspects of LDKT for the recipient
15 Discussions Whether present individuals have considered donation of their kidney