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Table 1 Detection rate of PKD2 mutations in different published studies

From: Clinical utility of PKD2 mutation testing in a polycystic kidney disease cohort attending a specialist nephrology out-patient clinic

Study % cases with PKD2 mutation Cohort
J Am Soc Nephrol 18:SA-PO93, 2007 36 Olmsted County population study
Barua et al. 2009 [25] 26 Single centre, ESRF excluded
Peters et al. 1992 [5] 15 Multi-centre, ADPKD kindreds
Rossetti et al. 2007 [12] 15 Multi-centre, CRISP study (GFR >70 ml/min)
Rossetti et al. 2003 [26] 12 Multi-centre, ADPKD with vascular phenotype
Garcia-Gonzalez et al. 2007 [22] 15 Multi-centre, ESRF included
This study 20 Single centre, CKD5 and ESRF excluded