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Table 3 The hypotheses that the RIISC cohort aims to address

From: The natural history of, and risk factors for, progressive Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD): the Renal Impairment in Secondary care (RIISC) study; rationale and protocol

Risk factor for CKD progression There are unidentified novel risk factors for CKD progression
Novel risk factors are a component of the enhanced cardiovascular risk experienced by individuals with CKD
The presence of periodontitis contributes to both progressive CKD and CVD risk by a mechanism of increasing the systemic inflammatory burden
The phenotype of progressive CKD The vascular, renal, oral and systemic inflammatory phenotypes of patients with progressive CKD are inter-related.
The establishment of a cohort of high risk CKD patients with detailed vascular, renal, oral and systemic inflammatory phenotyping at various time-points over a ten year period will provide data on the changing patho-biology of progressive CKD.