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Table 2 INTENT study data collection at baseline and months 3, 6 and 12 post-transplant in the intervention and standard care groups

From: The effect of intensive nutrition interventions on weight gain after kidney transplantation: protocol of a randomised controlled trial

Type of data Specific measure
Demographics Age
Clinical status Acute medical issues (including acute rejection, hospital admissions, diabetes status)
  Graft function
Anthropometry Body weight
  Body mass index
  Waist circumference & waist-hip ratio
  Mid-arm circumference
  Skin-fold thickness
Body composition Bioimpedance assessment
  Deuterium dilution (total body water, fat mass)
  DEXA (bone mass and fat mass)
  In vivo neutron activation analysis of body nitrogen (total body protein)
  Total body potassium (body cell mass)
Biochemistry Serum creatinine
  Estimated GFR
  Immunosuppression drug levels
  Fasting glucose
  Total, LDL & HDL cholesterol and triglycerides
  Insulin resistance (HOMA)
Dietary* 3-day food diary
Motivational assessment rulers to assess motivation to change
Physical function Gait speed assessment
  Hand grip strength
  Sit-to-stand-to-sit test
Other PG-SGA
  Blood pressure
  1. *Only collected for intensive arm.
  2. DEXA = Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry; GFR = Glomerular filtration rate; HbA1c = Haemoglobin A1c; HDL = High density lipoprotein; LDL = Low density lipoprotein; NZPAQ-SF = New Zealand physical activity questionnaire – short form; PG-SGA = Patient-generated subjective global assessment; SF-36 = Short Form-36.