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Figure 5

From: Therapeutic effect of all-trans-retinoic acid (at-RA) on an autoimmune nephritis experimental model: role of the VLA-4 integrin

Figure 5

VLA-4 integrin leukocyte expression is decreased by at-RA treatment. A) VLA-4 expression in PBLs from the four experimental groups. Flow cytometry analyses were performed using anti-α4 Ab (HP2/1) (continuous line) and anti-mouse IgG Ab as a negative control (discontinuous line). PBLs from HgCl2 -injected rats stained with anti-α4 (a), from HgCl2-injected rats also treated with at-RA (b), from rats only treated with at-RA (c) and from rats injected with vehicle (d). B) VLA-4 expression in cellular renal infiltrates at day 13. Anti-α4 immunoperoxidase staining of renal tissue from HgCl2-injected rats (a), HgCl2-injected rats treated with at-RA (b), rats treated only with at-RA(c) and rats injected with vehicle (d)

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